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Why Virtual Appointments?

It is all about convenience for our patients. Our goal is to make your experience as hassle free as possible. Most full orthodontic treatment takes between 12-24 months. Although typically you only need an appointment every 6 to 8 weeks or so, we understand this can be quite a commitment. Virtual Appointments are perfect for college students, professionals who travel, or even busy parents with a schedule to keep.

How do you do treatment without being seen in office?

You must always make some of your appointments in office, but we can cut these trips down with virtual appointments. Orthodontic treatment has changed much. Long acting arch wires and computer driven aligner treatments have transformed the process. Yet, this is still a medical procedure and it is imperative to have a doctor driven treatment plan with full observation and oversight by a professional. Computers and data driven treatment plans are a fantastic tool in the right hands, but we are talking about a physiological human body here, they do not all respond the same. Virtual appointments does not mean cookie cutter treatment driven by technology alone.

What types of visits can we do virtually?

  • Growth and development screenings
  • Comfort adjustments and emergency triage
  • Aligner checks
  • Retainer checks
  • Expander checks
  • Elastic checks

While we do not fully diagnose cases virtually, we can do some monitoring visits virtually and save you some in office traffic time.

How does it work?

For patients who are interested in virtual appointments all you need is a smart phone. We can provide you with cheek retractors, but it is not necessary for every appointment. You will still be given an exact appointment time so you have the doctors full attention. You may be asked to text or e-mail photos of your teeth prior to your appointment. At or around your appointment time your assistant will contact you on either an Apple device with Facetime or on Android device with Google Duo. The assistant will review your treatment plan and make notes, the doctor will take a look at your teeth and do a visual exam, then he will instruct you as to the next steps. This might include picking up more aligners, starting, changing, or starting elastic band wear, or turning and expander a prescribed number of turns. Sometimes you may just want a quick look at something you are unsure about. You will be surprised how much can be accomplished this way. Then the doctor will let you know when he needs to see you again in the flesh.